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path, 65-year-old jimmy lee dykes was a loner. he was estranged from his family. we are told he grew up in the same part of lower alabama where this all played out. he served in the u.s. navy from 1964 to '69. awarded the vietnam service medal and the good conduct medal. after that he lived in florida working as a truck driver and then about two years ago he moved back to the midland city area. that of course, is where his paranoia and eccentric behavior became much worse and where he began building the bunker that was at the center of this almost week long drama, shep. >> shepard: all of that odd behavior included run-ins with neighbors. >> several run-inies with neighbors. he seemed furious if anybody strayed on or near his property. he once as you said beat a neighbor's dog to death with a led pipe. and, of course, we poke to one man on "studio b" last week who got into a scrape with jimmy lee dykes. jimmy davis told us he had been driving on the dirt road near dykes' property with his daughter and his mother when dykes flagged him down and started shouting and cursing. listen. and a
closeup look at the scene where it all happened. witnesses say jimmy lee dykes grabbed that 5-year-old boy off a school bus last week, shot the driver dead and took him away. took the child to an underground bunker on his property and he had been holding him here there while negotiators were working with him. a just released image from the fbi shows that underground bunker with a tent covering it to protect any evidence inside. officials tell us during the standoff somehow they won't tell us how, but somehow they got a camera into the bunker to monitor dykes. they say they were getting worried about the child's safety. they also now confirm teams trained on a mock bunker, one they built very near the site before they raided the real thing yesterday. now, the suspect, of course, is dead. the child is safe. just hours before his 6th birthday. >> he is doing fine. he is laughing, joking, playing, eating, the things that you would expect a normal 5 to-year-old young man to do. >> the boy's grandmother says she doesn't know if he will ever get over the ordeal of the last week. jonathan serrie w
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)